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People ask me what inspired this Blog and its title. It all started with a piece I wrote called “I serve the Lightning Maker” If you’ve read it, you might think you know the whole story, but it goes a bit beyond that.

I love to drive, and if you took driver’s education, which I had to before I could take my driver’s test with the family vehicle (thanks mom and dad), teach you the need for your mirrors.

Your mirrors help you know about your surroundings, to get another perspective, to see where you want to go and where you’ve been or what is coming up behind you. Those mirrors in and around your car are there for you to refer to only to glance at – you can’t stare at them too long or focus on them, or you will steer your car there.

It’s a driving principle as well as a life principle – you steer where you look.

So you just take a moment and look at the reflection and get some information (data) from what you saw there and use it to help you get to where you are going.

Reflect on the reflection; maybe it will give you a course correction or reinforce that you are heading in the right direction.

This Blog is going to be some of my reflections. Perhaps you’ll see something familiar that you can relate to, maybe it will be a brand-new perspective for you.

Either way, I pray that you enjoy these pondering, stories and reflections. May they cause you to laugh, cry, be inspired or just see something completely different.

Reflections in the Rear View.

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365 – The Difference a Year Can Make

If the last year taught Charity anything, it was ‘to expect the unexpected’. With those words echoing in her mind, she surveyed the unfamiliar surroundings. Steeling her nerves and inhaling a breath all the way to her toes, she turned the golden doorknob.
On the other side of the ancient door she was greeted by the deepest voice she had ever heard. “Hello, Charity. We’ve been expecting you.”

Still Waiting…

My last post chronicled my adventures in a Starbucks while waiting for a friend to join me. I likened my no-show experience to this dessert-like season of waiting for God to direct me to my next. To show me an ‘open door’ to walk through.


This whole season is one of waiting. There are moments when I love it. When I sit back, and in a slow moment, I find joy and wonder all around me. Others are as painful as watching paint dry or the dread of watching a snail cross a road.

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