Charity Mongrain Consulting

With over 30 years of 2020 was a year of transformation for our world. Charity left the not-for-profit organization that she had served for the last seven and half years and launched Charity Mongrain Consulting (CMC).

Since beginning her business has used her training, certifications and skills to assist businesses, organizations and individuals to thrive.

  • Certified Leadership Coach
  • Certified Kolbe Consultant
  • Author Coach
  • Strategic Planner

How can CMC support you personally, your organization, or your business? Let’s start the conversation today.


With over 25 of experience working with organizations, businesses and not-for-profit, Charity brings a wealth of knowledge to a wide variety of topics, technics and technologies. More info


Do you need a speaker? Charity has led a wide variety of sessions: staff training, group workshops, team Kolbe assessments, team-building activities, and strategic planning. More info.


Charity shares her unique perspective on life in her blog “Reflections in the Rear View”. She spends her time working on her first book project about a confused caterpillar and as an author Coach with Siretona Creative.

Charity is an adaptive thinker and a collaborator, possessing the will and the skills to help individuals or organizations find a way forward. She is a solution finder that big vision leaders want on their team.

Bob Jones

I have known Charity for nearly 24 years. Charity is a warm, caring, pleasant individual who instantly makes you feel good being in her presence. Her smile is contagious, and when she enters a room you can sense the energy she brings with her.

Ron Baker

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