Broken Glass – An Answer to Prayer

Smash! I saw three pieces of clear jagged glass on my clean kitchen floor. I had just finished asking God what I would do with this last glass as it came out of the dishwasher.

Apparently, today was the first day since I had gotten my new cups that they were all clean, and now this one had no home.

No sooner had the prayer left my mouth than the glass left my hand.

I’m not sure of your typical reaction, but this is not mine. Today, Jesus and I were having a rare back-and-forth discussion.

As I stood at the kitchen counter and laughed right out loud. So this is how you choose to answer that prayer? Then I let those words sink in as I laughed some more. Isn’t that what happens sometimes? We encounter a circumstance in life, a problem, a situation, a health scare, and when we look for the answer, it seems like the answer is just another problem.

But this glass wasn’t a problem –it was an opportunity.

I went to get the broom to re-sweep the floor I had swept earlier that day. I thanked God that I had the strength to clean the floor.

As I bent down to pick up each piece of glass, I noticed that yesterday’s throbbing migraine wasn’t there – the pain was gone. I thanked God that I was pain-free and could clean up the glass. Had I broken it a day before, it might have had to stay there for a day or two.

I know that for some, a broken glass is just a broken glass, but on this day, it was a reminder of a God who loves me enough to make sure I have room on the shelf for my glasses. He is willing to make me a little uncomfortable for a little bit to ensure that I learn a lot more about Him.

Sometimes, we have to open our eyes and ears to look for the message inside the messes that happen along the way.

2 thoughts on “Broken Glass – An Answer to Prayer

  1. Wow! I love how God meets us even in seemingly mundane ways – which often are the most profound because it just shows how much he cares about every aspect of our lives. 🙂


  2. these God winks are wonderful. i had a washer hose break and start to flood basement. went to finish my coffee with the news and people in southern states, were waiting on roof tops from flooding….okay, i hear you God, my deal is more manageable and pray for those flood victims.


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