A Change of Season

Crunch, Swish, Crack – each step adds a note to the symphony of sound – my Grandma always said, “pick your feet up when you walk.”

But not today: each step forward stays low to the ground. The wind blows – another shower of colour falls all around me.

Autumn – just thinking the words makes me smile. The air is purer; there is a sense of expectation.

Red, Yellow, Orange – the fiery trio of colours warm my heart as I snuggle into my grey wool sweater. I was taking another sip from my mug of hot cocoa.

Bliss – what could feel better? I find my favourite spot on the swing under the big maple tree in the front yard.

Clinging to my cup – I sway in time with the poplar trees. Back and forth – back and forth.

The wind sings again as it slips through the nearly bare branches. Inhale, exhale – Peace, I’m at home.

I close my eyes and allow the breeze to rock my soul gently. I smile. All the day’s worries die like the pile of leaves around my feet.

I drain the last drop of cocoa from my mug, one more push, and I’m off the swing – a crackle accompanies each step as I crush each dried morsel underfoot.

As I reach the screen door, one more gust of wind causes me to pause and turn. The old maple tree releases its last leaves – like fireworks falling from the sky – it’s a celebration.

I love the changing of the season.

2 thoughts on “A Change of Season

  1. I love this, Charity. I entered right into the experience with you, being also a lover of autumn. Thank you.


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