A Watched Pot

I feel as though I’ve been staring at the water, the rolling bubbles in the kettle of my life, for what seems like forever. Waiting for the whistle to blow, to let me know the process is over, the transformation is concluded. The water I had put into the pot is now the right temperature to convert the dried contents of this pouch and combine with the water to make a cup of tea that my British Aunt Marie would be proud of.


Is that what this feeling is? Am I expecting to hear the whistle or am I waiting?

Expectation and waiting can look similar from the outside, but to the person in the middle of it they are, very different experiences.

The one who waits can get impatient. When is the water going to boil? I’ve been here for so long!

The expectant one looks to the possibilities. When the water boils maybe I’ll have Rooibos or Red Rose tea.

The one who waits thinks of what they missed out on while they waited. “I could have accomplished so much instead of sitting here during this time”

The one who sits with expectation looks for what is in front of them. “I’ll choose this cup and saucer for my tea and put milk in the cup.”

It’s all a matter of perspective. The water will take the same amount of time to boil regardless of how you watch or don’t watch it. But when you sit with an expectant heart, the possibilities become apparent.

At least that is how I see it. If you’ve been following this blog in the past, you’ve noticed a season of silence, which I’ll address in posts to come.

I don’t have some big fancy announcement that I’ve landed the perfect job, the book I’ve been working on is done and ready for purchase, or I’ve met the man of my dreams. Today I want to focus on perspective.

I’ve had a change in perspective. Over the years, I have been watching the pot, waiting for it boil. Waiting for the right thing to happen. Waiting for my circumstances to change.

Over the last two years, I’ve spent a lot of time discovering new things about myself: discovering what God says about me, what His Word says about me, who I am and what His plans are for me. Over that time, my perspective changed from waiting to expectation.

I know He has something good in store for me. I may not know what it is, but I can see the rolling bubbles in the kettle. I’m just listening for the whistle. Once it blows, I’ll let you know the flavour of the tea.